Feminism & Transgender

I was a feminist my whole life as a “girl”, and I look forward to continuing to be a feminist when I’m presenting fully as a man. I know the way I’ll have to do it will change. When talking about feminism with women, I’ll need to do more listening than talking, concern myself more with holding space than with asserting my right to fill it, etc. But I’ve received so much validation in my life for being a feminist, it’s time I passed some of that validation on.

I always felt, as a “girl”, challenged to hold this balance between being a feminist and deeply loving men, being male-aligned and able to see men’s beauty and goodness, sometimes when they couldn’t even see it themselves. I always hated hearing women bash men, and tried to gently shut it down whenever I could. Those were the moments I sometimes felt like I was “betraying my gender”.

But I never thought it was right to bash a whole demographic of people (even if I secretly feared that the reason I defended men was that I selfishly found them so damn beautiful). And it was never feminists that I heard slamming men, it was women who didn’t much like other women either.

The feminism I love intersects enough with humanism to advocate reaching for one’s truest potential, not letting social or biological constrictions hold you back. And that’s what trans means to me.

If “biology isn’t destiny” is a feminist idea, then being transgender is, in a lot of ways, a quintessential feminist act.