What I Wish I’d Known When I Started Transition

That you can still be a feminist and challenge gender roles as a guy. That you’re not “selling out” anything by transitioning.

That you might realize you’re more nonbinary than you thought, or more binary. You might realize you’re more masc than you believed, or more femme. You’re uncovering yourself and it’s beautiful.

That you might have internalized misandry about your male traits, even if you like men.

That you might be flaming gay, and have to navigate homophobia and transphobia simultaneously. And that the LGBTQ community might not always be safe or accepting of that.

That you’ll deal with misogyny and sexism well into your transition, and some people will stop validating that when they learn your identity.

That you don’t have to deal with things “like a man” to be respected as a man. You can tell the truth, have emotions, cry, complain, love, be creative, and be intimate. Good guys will validate you anyway, as long as you have at least some kind of hold on yourself.

That you’re beautiful even when you feel like you aren’t. Cis guys in puberty felt this way too, they remember. It passes and nobody’s paying that much attention anyway.