In Which I Discuss Downstairs (and I Don’t Mean Neighbors)

Trans guys who take testosterone experience bottom growth. It freaked me out a bit to consider it pre-T. I think societally most people are taught a tense relationship to sex and genitals, and cope by forming fairly rigid mental relationships to them, theirs and others. So the thought of them changing shape, even mildly, is bizarre.

I think on some level that’s what spooks a lot of folks about trans people.

But it’s not like you grow tentacles. A couple of parts get a bit bigger. And their functionality changes to where, basically, different stimulation is what will get you off, and orgasms feel a bit different, and the physical act might match a male self-concept better. I was so scared at the thought of bottom growth that for the first week or two, I couldn’t look. Then I looked and it was like, oh. No big deal, that’s pretty cool.

Relearning how to use it took another month or two, but is working out fine. Orgasms are more focused on that area and the front of my body, rather than deep inside somehow. And instead of feeling tingly after, I feel sort of limber and happy.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Now we can all move on.