First Self-Injection of T!

I did my first self-injection of testosterone at home tonight.

I was in a pretty bad mood, but as soon as I realized it was Injection Time and went to get the instructions my doctor gave me, I got a big adrenaline boost.

I put on some songs I liked, got my friggin cat out of the room, gathered and laid out all the needles and a bandaid and things, and washed the area and my hands. Then I put alcohol all over the spot on my stomach I was going to do the injection. I did it on the opposite side of my navel.

It took a few tries to get the T into the syringe with the big-ass drawing needle and not have a bunch of air in the syringe, I had to keep tapping it and putting air bubbles back into the vial like four times, while not dropping the entire thing. Plus I was nervous.

But I finally had it all ready to go. I didn’t really know how to switch out the different needles but they kid of screw in, so I figured it out. And then there was nothing left to do but grab some fat and poke it in.

It hurt a bit more than when I was at the doctor’s, because I was paying more attention. It was bearable though, just a slow low sting. Still didn’t feel any worse than a decent papercut, but it was weird shoving a needle into my own skin. Like, I can’t believe I’m doing this. As soon as it was deep enough, it stopped hurting at all.

It was harder to get the T to come out. I had to kind of change my hold on the thing to slowly mash the T in, and there was a moment of fear, like, why won’t it go in already? But slowly it did.

I was surprised at how much I had to push the syringe, and coordinating that while keeping the needle in is the hardest part. I concentrated on how shiny the couple of millimeters of visible needle were, and then it was over. I let go the fat roll and pulled the needle out, capped it and put it in the sharps thing. Then I put on a bandaid and felt like a rockstar! I was scared I couldn’t do it, but it worked.

Then Prince came on and all was right with the world. :)