Keeping the Long Hair

I’ve decided not to cut my hair short for now, despite wanting to transition to male.

I sometimes feel kind of left out when there’s so many trans guys talking about getting their first “guy” haircut. I feel like I’m missing a trans male rite of passage.

But I’ve always actually felt more masculine with long hair than with short. Maybe it was imprinting on goth and grunge dudes growing up (you know, the whole “think you have a crush but really want to be them” thing), and maybe it’s that short hair seems to accentuate what facial features I have that are feminine. But I’m keeping my long hair.

I cut it short, above my chin last year when I still thought I was a girl, and it looked good–but in a feminine way. Now it’s shoulder length and I cannot wait for it to get halfway down my back again. I just feel more like myself with longer hair, more masculine, and I knew that and liked it before I even knew I was trans.

Plus, I don’t want to cut it just to fit in with other guys. I’ve always been pro-guys being able to have long hair and be professional, or taken seriously as men. I don’t know if I’d feel differently if I didn’t know I was about to start T. But I think I’d feel the same–I’d rather be misgendered than do something that feels wrong for me (and usually makes me look more feminine anyway!) just to try and fit the male stereotype.